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An assortment of comprehensive guides to help you resolve a few common problems or help with the initial setup of your Kiwi Internet Services. At any point if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact us.

Help I Lost or Damaged my SIM

If you misplace or damage your SIM you can order a new one

How do I Set up my Phone to Roam

To roam with Kiwi Internet mobile you will need to set up your device APN to access roaming data

How Long will it take to Swap my SIM

After you submit the SIM swap request there is a short processing time

I only have inactive SIMS, do I Need to do Anything?

If you only have inactive SIMS on your account we still need to send you replacement SIMs

Is there a New Number for Voicemails?

Yes, once you swap your SIM you’ll need to use 202 to access your voicemail