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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common support questions, with advice on how to navigate the issue. As with most support issues never underestimate the power of turning the device (be it router or phone) off and then on again.


Where should I Place my Router?

There is a limit to how far Wi-fi can travel. The best practise is to place the router somewhere central or where you would typically use the internet the most.

Positioning and placement has a big affect on wifi strength. Ideally your router will be somewhere away from other appliances, in a clear area. If you are unsure about the spot run a few wifi speedtests to double check.

How do I know when to Replace my Router?

Routers typically have a life span of 5-6 years, but they can keep working long after that. There are several clues that it might be time to replace your router: slower internet speeds, frequent disconnects, or moving to a connection the router can’t support.

If you think it might be time to replace your router call us and we can double check what might be causing the issue.


When will I receive my Bill and How do I check the Cost?

You will receive a monthly invoice (around the 10th of each month) that includes a summary of the charges for the previous month.

You can also log into our online billing system to view the details of all of your charged phone calls for each previous month. Please note our online billing account will not be active until after the first month’s calling is invoiced.


Why can't I Send any Emails while Overseas?

The internet provider at your location may be blocking you from sending out emails via the standard SMTP port 25. You will need to change the SMTP port 2025 or simply use the webmail.

How can I tell if the email is Spam?

If you have received an email you suspect is spam there is a couple of things we can check:

  • What is the sender address?
    • Is it an address you recognise?
    • Does it make sense with the content of the email? I.e. the sender’s sign off name
  • Does it have strange links and attachments?
    • Make sure to avoid clicking them
    • You can hover a mouse over to see if the link shows more information

A rule of thumb, better safe than sorry. If you think an email is spam treat it as such, if you are unsure see if you contact the sender through other channels to verify it’s authenticity.

Move the spam mail to your junk mail folder or simply delete it. If spam is a regular problem for you we can help.

I am Receiving Junk Mail from my own Email Address. Does this mean someone hacked my Account?

If someone else has access to your email account and is sending junk mail you will see a lot of bounce back messages in your inbox saying you’ve sent emails to unknown recipients.

If you are just receiving junk mail that appears to be coming from your own address just ignore them. They put your address in the form field of the email to fool you into figuing the mail is legitimate.

Why do I keep getting an Error Message saying 'relay access denied'?

‘Relay Access’ to a mail server means that you are trying to send email through the server to another server without verifying that you are a legitimate user in that server. What this means is that you probable haven’t set ‘my router requies authntication’ in you email programme.


What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ which is technology that allows you to make phone calls using your broadband connection instead of a regular phone service.

Can I keep my current Phone Number?
Yes, Kiwi Internet can port your phone number
Can I Call Normal Phones using VoIP?
Yes, you can. You can call normal phones, as well as mobiles phones on any network in the world
Can I use a Normal Telephone?
Yes, you can! If you use an Analogue Phone Adapter (aka ATA) Device you will be able to use your existing handset no matter if it’s corded or cordless. Simply plug your handset into the adapter and you can use VoIP
Is VoIP easy to Install?
Yes, installing VoIP is very easy. If you are using the VoIP device supplied by Kiwi Internet it will come pre-configured, so all you need to do is plug it in!
Can I get VoIP in my Area?
Yes, as long as you have a broadband internet connection you will be able to have VoIP setup
What happens if I lose my Internet Connection?
If you lose your internet connection you can setup your VoIP phone to redirect to another number while you are offline
Do I need to leave my Computer on to use VoIP?
No, your computer can be switched off. However you will need to leave your modem or router on to make and receive calls. The Voice Adapter takes care of the rest, making your broadband phone as easy to use as your regular phone
What if I have a Monitored Alarm?
Most monitored alarm services will not work on a VoIP line unless you have special hardware and an alarm monitoring company setup to do this
What are Concurrent Calls and How do they Work for 1 or more Phone Lines?

The same phone number can have up to 5 concurrent calls, so 1 line can have several phones attached to it.

Or you could have 1 line for each person. The benefit of having more than 1 phone line is so you can transfer between them and each line can have it’s own voicemail

How do I transfer a Call?

Most phones will have a transfer button that will allow you to transfer a phone call to another line.

If for some reason the phone’s button doesn’t work there are star codes; 

  • #0 for an Attended Transfer
  • ## for a Blind Transfer
How do I pick up Calls from Within my Call Group?

To pick up any calls within your call group dial *88 (star 88) and you will be connected with the caller.

If I cannot Remember the Star Codes for all VoIP Options - is there an easier Way?

Yes, you can use the IVR meny for features. Simply dial *99 and listen to the prompts. Or you can log into the VoIP Portal and changes your settings online.

How do I list my Number to be Public?

Yellow Pages Listing

If you want a listing in the Yellow Pages you will need to contact the Yellow Pages Group on 0800 803 803 to arrange the listing. You are entitled to one free listing per branch/address.

Free Listing Includes:

  • Business Name
  • One Address (this can be street or postal)
  • One Phone Number 

Additional entries to a listing are at a cost. This is anything from another number/address/website/email etc…

White Pages Listing

If you want a listing in the White Pages you will need to provide us the following information:

  • Name
  • One Address
  • One Phone Number 

If you have any questions not covered here please check out our User Guides or Get in Touch so we can help.