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Do you need support for your internet or VoIP setup? We have been providing support services to Kiwi organisations for over 20 years, and we can provide a wide range of support services and managed services to meet the requirements of your organisation.

Common issues are in our comprehensive guides, if you need an extra hand call or email in and we can troubleshoot the issues together.

Support Types

Free of Charge Support for all Customers

Provisioning and set up of internet to ensure the line is active and working

Configuration of internet router/modem if the router is purchased through Kiwi Internet

Fault escalation and resolution if the fault if external to customer’s premises (i.e. from street to house). This excludes any internal wiring, power surges or issues caused by customers with their house

Password changes for security reasons

Provisioning and set up of all VoIP phone lines

Fault resolution on VoIP phone lines

Access to our online support documentation:

$25.00 +GST Flat Fee Support

Configuration and set up of internet router/modem if not purchase through Kiwi Internet

Reconfiguration and set up for customers who have accidently reset their router

Internal Wi-fi configuration (self-service available)

Email set up on PC’s/laptops/mobile devices (self-services available)

Support for customers mail client e.g. Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird… This is for non-Kiwi Internet server issues

Set up of spam reports

Set up of email forwarding (self-service available)

VoIP phone configuration (self-service available, per phone charge)

VoIP number porting (to retain an existing phone number / a per number charge)

VoIP portal set up with basic features to meet requirements provided

Support for any soft client issues

$50.00 +GST Flat Fee Support

Moving address

This covers the provisioning of the connection at the new address and the disconnection at the old address

Set up of VoIP Auto-Attendant (recording of messages are additional)

$150.00 +GST Flat Fee Support

Chorus No Fault Found Fee

If a customer requests that a Chorus technician goes on site to resolve a fault, but no fault was found that Chorus can resolve. This is a Chorus charge that is passed directly onto the customer. We therefore recommend all checks are completed fully before a Chorus technician is requested.

Loan of a test router/modem for a customer to check if their own router is faulty.

This does not apply if we have provided the router with the last 3 months. Courier charge of $15.00 is additional to the fee. The $150.00 fee will be refunded in full when the router is returned (in the same working order), or the customer can choose to keep the router and pay the difference.

$95.00 Per Hour Chargeable Support Work

On site internet router installation and testing
On site VoIP phone installation and testing
Setting up X-lite, 3CX or other soft clients
On site training for internet or VoIP