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Move your business to the cloud by migrating your on-site servers to our hosted server environment. We then take responsibility for hardware, upgrades, security and data protection.

We have both Windows and Linux servers. Whether you are producing your own site or are a web designer, we offer highly available and leading edge website hosting solutions including dynamic hosting. We can host your mail accounts and your website whether it’s .NET, MySQL, MS-SQLServer, PHP and ASP.

Explore our Hosting Plans below

Mail and Domain Hosting

Web Mail and Hosting Prices

Hosting Plans Basic 500MB Essential 5GB Team 25GB Corporate 250GB
Monthly Hosting Charge $10 $25 $50 $125
Disk Space 500MB 5GB 25GB 250GB

Backup and Storage

Backup and Storage Prices

FTP Online Data Backup FTP50 FTP100 FTP250 FTP500 FTP1TB
Price $5 $10 $25 $50 $100
Disk SPace 50GB 100GB 250GB 500GB

Online Backup Tiers

Single disk that is not mirrored. It is not backed up to our own off-site backup server

Mirrored disk. It is not backed up to our own backup server or off-site. Please add $50 +GST to the above pricing

Mirrored disk and is backed up to our own off-site backup server. Please add $75 +GST to the above pricing

Sign-up to an online back plan with a broadband plan you will get free/unlimited NZ data. This is very cost effective method of transferring your back up data between 2 or more sites.

We recommend using Smart Synch Pro as your backup software for full and incremental backups.
Read More about Smart Synch Pro

Dedicated and Shared Servers

Move your business to the cloud by migrating your on-site servers to our hosted server environment. You have the choice of dedicated or shared servers. We take responsibility for hardware, upgrades, security and data protection.

Server Hosting Prices

dedicated and shared servers

Dedicated 1U Dedicated >1U
Monthly Hosting Charge $300 POA
Monthly Traffic (GB) 150GB POA
Data Excess (GB) $5 POA
Setup Fee Free Free
Managed Firewall Free Free
Uptime Monitoring Free Free
IP Address 1 1
Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited
Anti Virus / Spam Filter Free Free

Upgrade Options

Second Hard Disk $20 per/month
Second CPU $20 per/month
Additional 512MB RAM $20 per/month
Managed Backup Service $100 per/month
Managed Server Support $150 per/month
Additonal IP Addresses $10 per/month
Windows 2003 License $50 per/month
SQL Server License $125 per/month
Server Management $150 per/month

Please note that if international traffic accounts for more than 60% of the monthly traffic then Kiwi Internet reserves the right to negotiate the monthly cost


We have been providing support services to Kiwi organisations for over 20 years, and we can provide a wide range of support services and managed services to meet the requirements of your organisation.

Common issues are in our comprehensive guides, if you need an extra hand call or email in and we can troubleshoot the issues together.

Reseller Plans

If you are a web designer and have several websites – partner with us to offer superior support and hosting packages at prices that suits your requirements.

You will have your own Plesk white labelled hosting control panel for your clients to use and get 25% off of our already competitive rates.

SSL Certificates

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides secure communication between client and server. Here the client is your browser and server is the web site you’re communicating with. Secure communication has three main goals:

  • Privacy
  • Message integrity
  • Authentication.

Our Rapid SSL security certificate solution has the following specifications:

  • Encryption level 128-bit
  • Browser recognition 99%
  • Site Seal is static

$100 + GST per year for your SSL certificate. If you need one of our team to install it on your website please contact our technical support team.