VoIP Call Features

What are the * codes for changing my Kiwi Internet features settings via the phone?

*55 Access Voicemail Portal 
*99 Voice Portal Menus 
*72xxx Call Forward Always Activation 
*73 Call Forward Always Deactivation 
*92xxx Call Forward No Answer Activation 
*93 Call Forward No Answer Deactivation 
*90xxx Call Forward on Busy Activation 
*91 Call Forward on Busy Deactivation 
*561xxx Enable and Set ‘Locate Me’ Number 1 
*571 Deactivate ‘Locate Me’ Number 1 
*562xxx Enable and Set ‘Locate Me’ Number 2 
*572 Deactivate ‘Locate Me’ Number 2 
*563xxx Enable and Set ‘Locate Me’ Number 3 
*573 Deactivate ‘Locate Me’ Number 3 
*78 Do Not Disturb Activation 
*79 Do Not Disturb Deactivation 
*30 Caller ID Blocking Activation 
*31 Caller ID Blocking Deactivation 
*77 Anonymous Call Rejection Activation 
*87 Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation 
*60xxx Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Addition 
*80xxx Selective Call Rejection (Blacklist) Removal 
*65xxx Make a call with Caller ID visible 
*67xxx Make a call with Caller ID blocked 
*32 Anonymous caller screening Activation 
*33 All callers screening Activation 
*34 Call screening Deactivation 
*94xxx Remote Dialtone Service Number Addition 
*95xxx Remote Dialtone Service Number Removal 
*96xxx Remote Call-back Service Number Addition 
*97xxx Remote Call-back Service Number Removal 
*98xxx Remote Access Authorisation Pin Setup 
*98 Removal of Remote Access Authorisation Pin (Trusted ANI only) 
*40 Activate conferencing for my number (turn into conference room) 
*41 Deactivate conferencing for my number 
*42 Access your own conference room 
*61 Call Waiting Activation 
*81 Call Waiting Deactivation 
*69 Call Return (Call back your last caller) 
*66 Last Number Redial 
*51 Who last called me? 
*37xxx Set Authorisation Pin Code 
*37 Remove Authorisation Pin Code (no digits after *37) 
*74x Program Speed Dial 8 (x can be 2-9) 
*52 activate Kiwilink voicemail system
*53 deactivate Kiwilink voicemail system

The call pickup service allows you to remotely pick up an incoming call to another phone in your group or account. To do this dial the following feature codes from your handset:
*88 – Group pickup. This will pickup the latest incoming call to any of the phones in your group.
*89 – Directed call pickup. This will prompt you for a phone number or extension number in your group and then pickup the incoming call only to that phone
*89X – You may also dial *89 followed by the phone number or extension without going through the prompt (e.g. *89800 will try to pickup an incoming call to extension 800 in your group)

I can’t remember star codes – is there an easier way?

Yes – you can use the IVR menu for features. Simply dial *99 and listen to the prompts. Or you can log into Kiwilink live and change your settings online.

How do I check my voicemail?

There are two ways to access your voicemail messages

By Telephone

Dial *55 to access Voicemail Portal from your Kiwilink phone. If you’re away from your phone you can use Remote Access to enter the Voicemail Portal.


Log into Kiwilink VoIP portal and select Messages from the menu. You can also have voicemails forwarded to an email address of your choice – configure this in the Voicemail Service option in your Kiwilink Settings screen. Messages will be sent as .wav attachments to the email and will normally play in Windows Media Player or similar software.

How do I setup voicemail settings?

Simply Dial *55 from your Kiwilink phone and then after listening to any new messages you may have, press ‘0′ to access your greetings settings.

Once you press ‘0′ to access your voicemail greetings settings then you can select:

‘1′ – To setup your unavailable message

‘2′ – To setup your busy message

‘3′ – To setup your name

‘4′ – To setup a temporary greeting (i.e. on vacation for a while)

‘5′ – To change your PIN number (instead of using the Kiwilink VoIP portal)

Press ‘#’ after recording and follow the prompts to listen to the recording and save it.

There are lots of things you can do in your voicemail box such as navigate messages, change folders, move messages between folders, forward messages, play back message details, return a call, place a new outgoing call and more…

How do I access voicemail from another phone

Dial our Voicemail portal number which is 028890000. When prompted for your mailbox number enter your Kiwilink number and then ‘#’, followed by your PIN number and ‘#’. NOTE: Before you can access your mailbox remotely you need to setup a PIN number under Voicemail settings in

How do I transfer a call?

When someone calls you and you need to perform a transfer there are 2 options. When you answer the call you then dial either

## Perform a ‘blind’ transfer to another number (if enabled)
#0xxxx Perform an ‘attended’ transfer to another number (if enabled)

Note: The settings ‘Attn Transfer Serv:’ and ‘Unattn Transfer Serv:’ must be set to ‘Yes’ VoIP device.

How do I setup speed dial with ATA?

To setup speed dial you use the web interface to enter in the speed dial numbers via the User 1 (or User 2) page(s) for 1 of the 8 speed dial options on the ATA web interface.

Then all you need to do is dial the speed dial number and then the hash key