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Customise your home business bundle with our Special Offers

Save 14% on your Home Business Bundle

Bundle Customisations

Internet 300Mbps/100Mbps Fibre

  • Upgrade to 500Mbps Unlimited (+$20)
  • Upgrade to 1000Mbps Unlimited (+$30)
  • Upgrade to 2000Mbps Unlimited (+$50)
  • Downgrade to 50Mbps Unlimited (-$5)

Home/Office Phone Line Customisations

  • Upgrade multiple lines (+$10 per additional number)
  • Remove the phone line (-$10 from your plan)

Mobile Phone Calling plan with 8GB Fast Data

  • Upgrade to 50GB Fast Data (+$25)
  • Downgrade to 3GB Fast Data (-$5)

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